7 Trendy Party-wear Kurtis For Your Store Collection

7 Trendy party-wear styles जो आप अपने store collection में शामिल करना चाहेंगे
Small parties such as club, kitties and birthdays keep coming round the year. Your buyers search for slightly non-traditional, fancy and ethnic garments.
The combination is difficult to find that too to suit all the occasions, but it’s not impossible! Our team has gone through the basics of what actually wholesale shoppers are looking for in women ethnic wear. Adding to the wholesale shoppers’ choices, we did assimilate the clothing taste of young women, girls including the millennial and generation Z. And, here’s the astounding results! Amazed at the trendy kurti styles, any store owner like you can’t ignore any longer to include in your collection for a business revenue hike.

Here are 7 Trendy Party-wear Stylish Kurtis that your buyers would love to shop:

  1. Tail-cut with Swing Style Kurtis
  2. C cut Style Kurti
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    As the name suggests, Tail-cut Kurtis have a C or Square shape cut in the front with a longer back with trendy embroidery and adorable print work and embellishments. As per the length tail-cut swing style kurtis look great with Parallels or Palazzo or Tulips giving your patron a chic look. Suggest your buyers to match them with a couple of colorful lac bangles for that great Indo-western look.

  3. Vibrant Patterned – Fusion Style Kurtis
  4. Vibrant Fusion Style Kurti
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    These super-cool traditional Indian pattern kurtis are inspired from Indian ancient cultural touch of folk embellishment and motif work. Vibrant colours energize the whole party place. For any of your buyers who want to keep it traditional but still want to make a style statement, these are the ones to show them.

  5. Asymmetric Cut Style Kurtis
  6. Asymmetrical Style Kurti
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    Generally worn without a bottom, these asymmetric kurtis with ultimate abstract texture and geometric prints is the first choice of young generation. Asymmetrical cut at the bottom can make your buyer standout of the crowd. They are hip! They are in!

  7. Kurti With Jacket
  8. Jacket Style Kurti
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    A remake to the older ones, Kurtis with jacket are in to add glamour to your client’s existing wardrobe. To be on low-budget but for an extravagant look, jacket style kurtis a perfect attire for events happening at office or kitty party. Winter is in and this is the perfect season to flaunt this fashion statement. A quite simple mix of fancy and formal looks. Grab this and add to your shelves.

  9. Tulip Style Kurtis
  10. Tulip Style Kurti
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    Fresh like a flower, tulip kurtis gives your customer a splendid look that is attractive and is sure to make an impression. Advice them to pair tulip kurtis with stilettos or fancy sandals, bold lips and mascara for a club party.

  11. Overlay Style Kurtis
  12. Overlay Style Kurti
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    Worn on red carpets by many celebrities and alike, overlay style kurtis got a take-off instantly with many women donning it to the festive occasions. Ask your customers to pair this outfit wearing bead necklaces of either contrast or matching colors to that of overlay kurtis. Both will go fine to give them a wonderful look. Book a bulk order now!

  13. Woven Silk Kurtis
  14. Woven Silk Kurti
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    Interlaced at right angles, the evergreen woven silk kurtis are sure to make your festive occasion light-hearted and cheerful. Pick colors that match the golden ones. Make sure you add woven silk kurtis to your store compilation and make the most-of this festive season, just to keep your customers happy. “Because customer is always the King!”

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