8 Grand Pashmina Ethnic Wear For Your Boutique Wardrobe

Pashmina fabric is an all time hit for Indian states where winter is an ongoing phenomenon. Tracing back to Kashmir, Pashmina has its root word from Persian dialect: ‘pasmina’ meaning ‘made from wool’. I’ve assorted few Pashmina fabric garments, gone through various styles for an awe-inspiring range to help you include in your boutique.

Presenting few bespoke Pashmina styles out of 100’s for your Boutique

These styles can be stitched by your customers for an awesome look and feel. So whether your patron is purchasing daily wear or on occasions, you can present the same to them accordingly.

  1. Asymmetrical Kurtis with Stole
  2. Kurtis in different fabrics are a talk-of-the-town. Not only Generation – Z are donning Kurtis, but many Baby Boomers can be seen wearing with pride. Adding to the style, stole and kurti combination looks fabulous on your customer. Ask them to pair with high-heels and necklace set.

    Pashmina Kurtis
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    Kurti Design: Printed Royal Blue, Grey, Sky Blue, Brown, Asymmetrical Kurtis
    Fabric: Pashmina
    Preferred Occasion: Party Wear and Events

  3. Pashmina Bright Colored Saree
  4. Use of amazing print motifs, Pashmina saree garner huge attraction. This saree has a grand feel and is appropriate for occasional office wear. Interwoven with great care Pashmina saree is a hot favorite for women of high interest in top-ranking collection.

    Pashmina Patola Saree
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    Saree Design: Printed Jade Blue, Grey, Golden and Exquisite Pattern Pashmina Bright Colored Saree
    Fabric: Pashmina
    Preferred Occasion: Bridal Wear and Office Occasional Wear

  5. Sharara Salwar Kameez
  6. Sharara style salwar kameez is blend of modern and traditional Mughal Era. With contemporary twist this trendy style is taking-off. Ask your consumer to wear sunglasses, bead necklace and stilettos for that flagrant impression.

    Sharara Pashmina Fabric
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    Garment Design: Printed Black, Violet Maroon, with Motifs: Sharara Salwar Kameez
    Fabric: Pashmina
    Preferred Occasion: Bridal Wear and Parties

  7. Patiyala Salwar Kameez
  8. Not to mention: this is one the trendiest style worn in northern states of India. It has a grand look and feel. Silhouette of woman is perfectly crafted for this type of garment. It gives a comfy feel too. You can advice your client to pair with gold necklace-set, bracelets and mojdis.

    Patiyala Salwar Kameez
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    Garment Design: Printed multi-color Green, Jade Blue, Grey, and Motifs Patiala Salwar Dress Materials
    Fabric: Pashmina, Chiffon
    Preferred Occasion: Bridal Wear and Events

  9. Bold Colored Saree
  10. Colors definitely make an outstanding impression. Bold colors interpret your style, flavor and even attitude. Women who like dark colors are authoritative. So, share few quick insights on colors with your customers and persuade them to create a wardrobe collection for wearing at occasions.

    Bold Pashmina Saree
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    Saree Design: Printed Green, Berry Blue, Red, Orange, Brown Saree
    Fabric: Pashmina
    Preferred Occasion: Bridal Wear and Events

  11. Palazzo Salwar Kameez
  12. This catalog presents a mix of light and dark colors and defines Palazzo salwar kameez. The kameez can be stitched long or medium based on the body of your customer. If weight and height is high, ask them to go for long ones. And, if they are medium heighted, medium or short kameez looks stunning with Palazzo style salwars. Pairing with flat chappals gives one stylish look.

    Palazzo Salwar Kameez
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    Garment Design: Plain Pink, Brown, Green, Blue, Orange, with Embroidery at Bust, Palazzo Salwar Kameez
    Fabric: Pashmina
    Preferred Occasion: Daily Wear and Party Wear

  13. Printed Saree for Women and Girl
  14. Though saree is a regular wear for Indian women, it has turned into an occasional wear. Young generation only keep in their wardrobe to be worn on festivals. As the winter season rises, saree is best to keep you warm and your skin unaffected by wintery cuts. Ask your customer to pair this saree with ruby or sapphire earrings for an enchanting attention.

    Printed Saree for Women and Girls
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    Saree Design: Printed Dusk Brown, Jade Purple, Grey, Cream, Golden Brown Saree
    Fabric: Pashmina
    Preferred Occasion: Bridal Wear and Events

  15. Pencil-Straight Salwar Kameez
  16. Little tighter than straight salwar, Pencil-straight salwar kameez looks gorgeous on the wearer. Utilizing different patterns, cuts, stitches, in kameez, your customer can advice their tailors to mix and match for a great look. Pairing this with diamond earrings and pointed-heels will give an outstanding glance.

    Pencil-Straight Salwar Kameez
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    Garment Design: Printed Green, Pink, Grey, Golden Yellow, patterned Pencil-straight Salwar Kameez
    Fabric: Pashmina
    Preferred Occasion: Regular Wear and Occasionally

So when you plan a purchase for your shop or store dealing exclusively in ladies garments you’ll have to take care that you don’t miss out on any of these trending designs and styles for a higher business, profit and sales. To get all these styles at a single location you need to visit an online marketplace and place order after scrutinizing the designs, styles and fabrics available. Head-on for trendiest kurtis, sarees, salwar kameez, blouse, gowns, ghagra, lehenga cholis and more.