Wishbook Trusted Seller Program

General Rules and Agreement

Wishbook Trusted Seller program is a Wishbook Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. initiative to create a network of Sellers who can be trusted for genuine business transactions by the huge array of buyers present across the nation.

Participating sellers will get a status of ‘Trusted Sellers’ on Wishbook platforms – Apps, Webapp and Mobile website. The service description and detailed benefits of the program are explained in a separate document (attached).

This document enlists general rules for participating Sellers and Wishbook Infoservices Pvt. Ltd., hereafter referred as Wishbook.

Seller Commitment

To participate in Wishbook Trusted Seller program and to maintain the status of ‘Trusted Seller’ on Wishbook platform, it is expected that the seller will commit to the following rules:-

Seller will:

  1. Keep the Catalogs live & updated,
  2. Mark the designs out-of-stock when they are not available for sale
  3. Update Prepaid Order status in 24 hrs, and dispatch the order within the stated dispatch duration
  4. Share LR / Way bill copy/image and details of the dispatched order with Wishbook
  5. Maintain a Seller Rating* of 90% or above

Seller Ratings on Wishbook platforms will be based on the following:

  1. Seller commitment to the rules mentioned above
  2. Buyer satisfaction – delivered product quality is as stated in the description and dispatch duration is as stated during order creation.
  3. Seller Rating will be the average of ratings on each transaction

Terms & Conditions

  1. In case of digression from seller commitments or buyer dissatisfaction, Seller Rating will be downgraded.
  2. Payment, if prepaid, will be released by Wishbook on receiving of proof of dispatch (LR copy) from the seller and confirmation of delivery by the buyer
  3. Any dispute between the buyer & seller to be handled between them directly
  4. Wishbook does not take liability for discrepancy in seller’s products – both in quality and quantity – and buyer’s credit/post-paid payments
  5. If the seller rating goes below 90%, he will lose the status of Trusted Seller Wishbook is not responsible for Goods Return